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Best potato products for retailers by Mummon

An easy and a fast way to surprise your family and friends with delicious and low fat potato dishes. All of the Mummon potato products are gluten-, lactose-, and additive-free. The products can be found at any retail store either from the dried product shelves or from the frozen food section.

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Instant mashed potato and potato flakes

Additional to natural flavour potato mash, Mummon offers three new flavours of instant mash for the consumers to choose among chives, herbs or bacon.

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Mummon frozen potatoes

Mummon products cover a wide range of frozen potato products for every taste. Why not try, for instance, our country style French fries or delicious additive-free potato mash.

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Mummon fresh potatoes

Mummon Parisian potatoes are not available at the moment. We will inform soonest if status changes. (updated 1st of April 2024)

Additional to the traditional Mummon Parisian potatoes, Mummon introduces a fast and healthy way to satisfy your apetite: Pre-cooked Mummon oven potatoes, which can either be added to your meals as a side dish or be prepared as full and complete meal with your most favourite toppings.

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